Dr Haiyu Li

Senior Lecturer, Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Haiyu Li


I was attracted to this role because it gave me the opportunity to carry out research and have the freedom to think innovatively. I was attracted to the University of Manchester because it is a leading university internationally and because the Power Systems Research group is world-leading.


I am an expert in "Power System Automations and Communication Systems" with emphasis on the applied sciences for the development of more flexible, sustainable and intelligent power system automation systems or "Smart Grids" for the future. Experienced in both industry product focused research (7 years) and an outstanding academic research career (16 years). Currently, I lead two highly innovative research projects funded by UK government; Ofgem's Low Carbon Networks Fund: Tier 2 "Customer Load Active System Services (CLASS)" and the UK National Grid NIA fund: "Virtual Substation Acceptance Testing and Training" facility. The former project is related to power system automation for smart grid implementation and the latter is associated with future digital substation.

I am also involved in many consultancy activities for UK industries (including ENWL, National Grid, ENWL, Scottish Power, Scottish Southern Electric, Siemens Manchester UK, ABB Stone UK, Alstom T&D Stafford UK, and Mitsubishi Electric Europe UK). I have published 80+ international conferences and 15 journals papers, 2 Technical Brochures (CIGRE and CIRED), and have 2 patents. I am a member of IEEE and IET and a Chartered Engineer.

I particularly enjoy; teaching, research and innovation. Especially innovation projects which have been reflected by two fully funded highly innovative research projects: (i) UMIP PoP funded and patented project "Passive optical Modulated Non-conventional Current Instrument Transformer", and (ii) National Grid funded project "Virtual Substation Acceptance Testing and Training" platform at Manchester.

To showcase my research to industry and to other institutes I have created a Virtual Substation Acceptance Testing and Training (VSATT) platform to enable manufacturers and power utilities to work more closely, hence this has created a greater operant to work with industries and power utilities to raise visibility of my research.


I think a real 'game changer' in Energy, relevant to the area I work in, is that my innovative VSATT platform can promote and speed up future "Digital Substation with plug in and play functions" which will allow energy sectors to open up for greater new technology acceptance. 

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