Dr John Moriarty

Department of Mathematics

John Moriarty

I am a Senior Lecturer in Probability and Statistics and I was attracted to this role because probability is a very exciting area of mathematics, from the point of view of both theory and applications.  The chance to come here arose initially from a chance meeting with a Manchester professor at a conference in the Finnish archipelago (!)


To summarise my research, it covers applications of probability theory, in particular to problems in energy.   It is exciting having opportunities to contribute to theory, empirical work and industry in a coherent way, through a consistent set of ideas and methodology.  At the moment I’m fortunate to have an EPSRC Research Fellowship which means that my daily work is focused on research. Day-to-day, this involves working with collaborators both in and outside Manchester, companies in the energy sector who would like to understand uncertainty in their business, and with my research group of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, which is all hugely enjoyable.  I would say the best way to be visible is simply to focus on your science and look for opportunities to be useful and contribute more widely. That way, when an opportunity comes you are ready to make an impact.


In terms of impact on future energy landscapes; my research comes down to using mathematics to share electricity fairly. This means we are looking at new ways to both price and use electricity in real-time in order to increase both efficiency and social welfare. Consulting with industry on related questions provides the most immediate impact from our work.  I believe that greater use of ‘big data’, by which I mean real-time information and control, will open up all sorts of new applications and ultimately efficiencies and be the real ‘game changer’.

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