Professor Jovica V Milanovic

Deputy Head of Department and Head of Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group (EEPs), Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE).

Jovica Milanovic


I was attracted to this role because it gave me the opportunity to help further enhance the Group's and the Department's international reputation and visibility by using the extensive experience I have acquired throughout my career working at different universities in different countries and continents.

I was attracted to the University of Manchester (formerly UMIST) because of its international reputation and the prestige of being a world-leader in area of Power Systems.


My theoretical and applied research work is equally split between the areas of Power System Dynamics and Power Quality with a common, underlying stream of probabilistic/ stochastic modelling of uncertainties of events and system parameters.

On a day to day basis, I work with several 'groups' of people in EEE Department and EEPS Group and also my own 11-people strong research team. My day in the office is to a very large extent, if not completely, devoted to addressing issues brought forward by colleagues from these different groups. Typically, this includes help with and advice on a wide range of personal, administrative, managerial and research questions. My role also includes various activities related to my involvement in international working groups, advisory bodies and learned societies. I also devote time to writing research papers and reports with my research team.

I particularly enjoy my role as it gives me the opportunity to help others to achieve their full potential in various aspects of their academic work and jointly contributing to the enhancement of Group's and Department's national and international profile and visibility.

Currently, I 'showcase my research' almost exclusively through my published work and involvement in panels or delivering keynote speeches at international conferences. In the past, I was also very actively involved with and led international working groups. I still give occasional academic and industrial lectures and courses around the world though the number of these reduced significantly in recent years due to my increased administrative duties at the university.


I hope that I will contribute to changing future energy landscapes a little by encouraging colleagues from academia and industry to start looking into solving various power systems related problems by applying probabilistic risk based approaches and computer intelligence based methods rather than traditional deterministic methods. This is becoming essential due to increasing uncertainties in parameters and operation of electrical power, and other energy systems and growing interdependences between various energy networks (electricity, gas, heat), water supply, transport, communication infrastructure, energy policy and market forces as well as human behavioural and socio-economic preferences.

As a researcher working in the field of mathematical modelling and analysis of electrical power systems rather than someone 'in energy' per se, in my opinion a real 'game changer' would be commercial exploitation of nuclear fusion closely followed by discovery of materials and corresponding technology that would enable cost efficient exploitation of solar energy.

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