Professor Kevin Taylor

Head of Department and Professor of Sedimentary Geoscience, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Director of Research for the Basin Studies and Petroleum Geoscience Research Group

I developed an interest in this research area from PhD studies onwards and I now have 20 years background in research in this field. I choose the University of Manchester as it is one of the top academic universities in the UK and the World. Manchester also has a very strong Petroleum Geoscience Group and track record in this area. Manchester has major drive and ambition and is a very stimulating university to work in.


I undertake research into unconventional reservoirs of oil and gas – shale gas and shale oil.  I am interested in both the geological aspects of these resources (exploration focus) and also in the technology to enhance oil and gas extraction (production).  I also have research links to the environmental impacts of oil and gas extraction.

On a day-to-day basis my role involves; undergraduate and master’s teaching.  Research funded by both research councils and oil and gas companies.  I interact extensively with oil and gas industry to raise the impact of the research undertaken in The University of Manchester.  I particularly enjoy applied science and application to industry and interacting with students.  I work with others via multi-company funded research consortium and via workshops, and  reports, etc.  I have very close linkage with the School of Materials.


The impact my research will have on the future energy landscape would be an enhancement in the shale gas capability in the UK, to allow for transition to gas away from oil and coal.

The real ‘game-changer’ for energy in my area of research would be greater public acceptance of shale gas.

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