Dr Konstantinos Kopsidas

Lecturer in Overhead Line Design and Power System Planning and Reliability, Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Konstantinos Kopsidas


I was initially attracted to this role as I believe that electrical power networks will become more compact, efficient and reliable leading towards an improved quality of life.

I have been at the University of Manchester as a student since my undergraduate degree. I have always been interested in power systems and the University of Manchester is one of the best places in this research area as it has more than 50 years of successful history.


My research interests are concerned with Smart Grid realisation through novel technologies and operational methods aiming to optimise the power transfer capacity of distribution and transmission networks. Such methods include overhead line systems compaction and increasing power transfer capability through the inclusion of novel technologies and materials as well as overall design advancements in order to allow for flexible power network expansion-operation and increased Renewable Energy Sources integration.

As part of the optimisation approach I am also interested in and investigate the impact of such technologies and methods on network reliability and adequacy. The ultimate main aim of this work is to identify the full potential capabilities of future technologies by incorporating their key design properties into a holistic network modelling framework so as to understand and predict their long-term performance and overall contribution on the network.


I think a big challenge we will have to deal with in the future is the transfer of large amounts of energy over long distances as the transportation of energy will further evolve in the same way that communication networks have evolved. Therefore our work on the development and realisation of new technologies and even new materials will be fundamental in addressing this challenge.

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