Dr Qiang Liu

Lecturer in Power System Plant, Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Qiang Liu


I was initially attracted to this role because it offered me the opportunity to carry out research on the application of novel alternative materials in power system plant. This enables the design of safer and greener high voltage equipment, which could make a significant impact on both industry and society. I also enjoy the diversity of the working environment where I can exchange ideas with colleagues who specialise in different research areas and also because it is very rewarding to be able to share my knowledge and experience with students who are just developing their careers in the field of electrical engineering

I chose the University of Manchester because of its world-class prestige and its exciting ambition for the future. The Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group hosts the largest high voltage laboratory in the UK, equipped with world-class research facilities enabling me to carry out world-leading research.


My research encompasses understanding the discharge and breakdown mechanisms of dielectric liquids, characterisation of alternative insulating liquids (esters, gas-to-liquids, and nano-fluids), ageing assessment of oil-paper insulation system, dynamic thermal rating and asset management of transformers, computational simulation and modelling of dielectric liquids' behaviour. I work closely with many national and international companies including; National Grid, Scottish Power, UK Power Networks, Electricity North West, M&I Materials, TJH2B, EA Technology, Shell, Weidmann, Qualitrol, RTE and Hyundai Heavy Industry.

My day-to-day activities involve both research and teaching. I supervise a research team comprising both PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers; we discuss new research methodology, carry out experimental and simulation work, and write project reports and academic papers. I teach power system plant and high voltage engineering courses for both postgraduate and undergraduate students. I also supervise dissertation projects and help students to prepare for their future careers or further studies. In addition, I travel worldwide to present the research outputs at top international conferences and to establish contacts for potential collaborations with prestigious researchers in the field.

I particularly enjoy the excitement that research brings, every day is different with new ideas, breakthroughs in research and the significant impact that this has on industry and society as a whole.


I hope that my research will promote the application of novel alternative insulation liquids in power system plant, thus reducing the detrimental environmental impact of the electricity supply which will significantly benefit industry and society as a whole.

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