Dr Victor Levi

Senior Lecturer in Power Systems, Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Victor Levi


I was initially attracted to this role by the opportunity to transfer my long-term academic, consultancy and industry experience to younger generations. Educating the people who are just getting their first experience in electrical engineering and supervising the students who are pushing the boundaries of the research is very exciting and rewarding.

I am personally very interested in seeing the transformation of the existing electricity systems towards the connection of new low carbon technologies, application of smart solutions and more efficient use of energy.

The University of Manchester was my preferred choice because it is a prestigious university who's Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group has had worldwide recognition for more than 50 years. Some of my good friends, who today occupy important positions around the globe, have obtained their degrees from the University of Manchester.


My main research areas are related to the future 'smart' distribution and transmission networks. Going forward, new low carbon technologies, such as, wind and solar generation, electric vehicle and heat pumps, and very different types of energy storage will be connected to the networks in large quantities. New, 'smart' solutions will be required to cope with these technologies in the planning, operational and control stages. In planning, my research is orientated towards optimisation of capital investments, probabilistic analysis of asset performance, risk and reliability analysis, forecasting of electrical and financial quantities. In operations, I'm investigating novel control concepts, such as co-ordinated voltage control on distribution and active power - frequency control on transmission networks, as well as optimisation of the overall network operation. I'm also investigating controllers and control schemes on new technologies and their contribution to the entire system security/stability.

Each working day is different, which I find exciting. I meet my researchers and project partners, who help deliver national and international projects. I supervise several PhD students and MSc students, sometimes final-year undergraduate students as well. I develop different power system and mathematical models, algorithms and project flow-charts, I write project reports and papers for international journals and conferences. I also have administrative roles at School and Group levels.

I enjoy working with students, academic and industry partners from different organizations. Transferring knowledge to younger colleagues is very rewarding. Discovering new solutions and pushing research boundaries is not only exciting but enlightening and rewarding as well. Doing a mix of consultancy, supervision and teaching on a daily basis is what makes me happy.

I collaborate with other departments in the University (eg control, mathematics, etc.) and tend to establish links with international universities. I'm well connected with UK industry and believe this raises the University profile within the UK community. I attend meetings on the national level and spread the research ideas and knowledge from the University. Presenting at major international conferences is another important aspect of increasing the personal and University visibility.


I am involved in several research and industrial projects related to the impact of new low carbon technologies on power networks. I hope to contribute to find solutions that will integrate large scales of new low carbon technologies into the current electricity networks. I believe the 'smarter' electricity systems are the only way forward, because need for electricity is going to rise sharply in future. In that respect, new 'smart' solutions should encompass advanced metering, control and operational concepts, as well as planning including market mechanisms.

All my work is closely related to the main 'game changer' in energy: electrical energy will become a major source of energy in this country once the traditional energy resources are depleted.

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