Professor Vladimir Terzija

EPSRC Chair Professor in Power Systems Engineering, Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Vladimir Terzija


I was attracted to this role because it gave me the opportunity and freedom to express myself as a researcher, challenging my intellectual capabilities.

I was attracted to the University of Manchester because of its prestige of being a world-leader in the area of electrical power systems.


My research has been always based on the combination of theoretical and experimental work. These two have been supporting each other and in a synergistic way have generated a new quality, particularly new and complex research questions.

On a day to day basis my role comprises:

  • Leadership of my own research team (PhD students and PDRAs);
  • Supervision of MSc and UG students;
  • Collaboration with industrial partners;
  • Collaboration with other academic partners;
  • Leadership of larger scale research projects funded by industry and Research Councils;
  • Co-ordination of research activities with a number of oversees academic institutions.

Through collaboration on joint research projects and writing high impact journal papers with other colleagues across industry and academia I am able to showcase and raise visibility of The University of Manchester.

I particularly enjoy my role as it gives me the opportunity to work with young and creative people in the multicultural environment offered by The University of Manchester.


My research will make power systems much more robust to different type of disturbances and prevent potential catastrophic blackouts in the future.

In the area in which I work, I feel the real 'game changer' will be new technology, capable of supporting the ambition and vision of those engineers who are able to convert a good idea into a practical realization.

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