Professor Wendy Flavell

Professor of Surface Physics at the University of Manchester, UK, and a member of the University’s Photon Science Institute.

Wendy Flavell

She trained initially in inorganic chemistry in Oxford (DPhil) and at Imperial College London (Royal Society 1983 University Research Fellowship).  She is author of around 100 papers on the electronic structure of functional materials including semiconductor nanocrystals, oxide catalysts and photovoltaics. Much of this work is aimed at developing an understanding of the link between the electronic structure of a material and its end application.  It tackles questions such as 'how can we make solar cells cheaper and more efficient?'

Her work makes extensive use of world synchrotron sources, most latterly for research aimed at developing light-harvesting quantum dots and inorganic heterojunctions for next-generation solar cells.  Wendy's research group and their collaborators were selected to exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in 2011.

Wendy is a reviewer of programmes for several international accelerator-based light sources including SOLEIL (France) and MAX-lab (Sweden).  She is deputy-chair of the Physics panel for the forthcoming UK national research quality assessment, REF2014, and also served as a panel member for the previous national exercise, RAE2008.

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