Rémi Charton

PhD Student

PhD project: "Characterisation of Cretaceous Depositional Systems along the Atlantic Passive Margin, Morocco."

Remi Charton
"I became a member of the North Africa Research Group (NARG) in January 2014, which was the first step of my PhD. Amongst all the advantages of being a NARG member, I am really thankful for the feedback from geologists from the international oil company sponsors, whilst giving presentations during steering meetings, the contact with a lot of excellent industry and academic geologists, and opportunity to join field trips in Morocco. We have a very collegiate group, working with all the other NARG PhD students which I think creates an optimum environment to undertake PhD research."


Rémi has a bachelor and master degrees in geology, which he received from Dijon (France) and Tromsø (Norway) University. His fields of expertise are sedimentology, basin analyis, seismic characterisation, geological modelling, and petroleum geology.


Based at the Technical University of Delft for his PhD, Rémi is part of the NARG project 'Characterisation of Cretaceous Depositional Systems along the Atlantic Passive Margin, Morocco'. The PhD project is supervised by Prof Giovanni BertottiProf Joep Storms, and Prof Jonathan Redfern: all active members of the NARG. Rémi's role is to identify vertical movements occurring in the source area and to constrain the establishment of the coastal sedimentary system during the Cretaceous by stratigraphic forward modelling.

Remi Charton fieldwork
Rémi Charton looking for Early Cretaceous outcrops in Angel Arantegui's study area (Foum Drâa, Morocco; March 2014).
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