Dr Richard Newport

Current: Post-doctoral researcher in carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis

2014. PhD titled: "Dolomitisation of Cenomanian-Turonian, shallow marine carbonates of the western Mediterranean and North Africa."

Richard Newport


Richard joined the North Africa Research Group (NARG) in 2010, having previously undertaken an MGeol. Since graduating in 2014 with a PhD in carbonate diagenesis Richard has stayed in Manchester undertaking a PostDoc investigating dolomitisation and diagenesis of sub-surface hydrocarbon reservoirs in Kurdistan, funded by HESS, and he will join Shell International in 2015.


I applied to NARG as Manchester has an excellent reputation for research, both for geology but in particular petroleum geology. The university has excellent resources, and my PhD involved a large amount of fieldwork, in remote locations across North Africa. I was encouraged to present my work at national and international conferences, a perfect opportunity to network with other PhD students and industry representatives with similar research interests.

One of the big attractions to Manchester, and NARG, was the excellent links with the oil and gas industry. As a result of this I worked as a carbonate sedimentology intern with HESS in London for 3 months. This was a fantastic opportunity to gain experience working as part of an exploration team, using real industry data to solve real problems.

Richard Newport fieldwork
Richard Newport working in Spain on age equivalent sections to the Tunisia carbonates.
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