Tim Luber

PhD Student

PhD project: "Characterisation of Early Cretaceous Depositional Systems along the Atlantic Passive Margin, Morocco."

Tim Luber

The work in Morocco offers access to world-class outcrops/geology. The North Africa Research Group has an informal working environment and is very well connected, making it easy to exchange ideas and opening all the opportunities you could wish for in a PhD.


Tim graduated from the Freie Universität Berlin in January 2014 with an MSc in Geology (focus on Archean sedimentology).


Tim began his research in the North Africa Research Group (NARG) in 2014, and is focused on developing models that will improve our understanding of sand delivery into the basin, unravel the evolution of this complex passive Atlantic margin of Morocco and assist in reservoir prediction offshore. The PhD involves extensive fieldwork in Morocco, integrating the field-based data (petrography, sedimentology, sequence-stratigraphy, and biostratigraphy) with subsurface data.


Tim's ultimate aims are to produce high-resolution sequence stratigraphic models and time-sliced, palaeo-depositional environment and thickness maps for the Early Cretaceous in the Agadir to El Jadida region.

Tim Luber fieldwork
Tim Luber examining outcrops near Agadir as part of the Early Cretaceous Depositional Systems study.
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