Xinfang Wang

PhD researcher – Climate Change

I was initially attracted to my role because of the real importance of climate change research and energy emissions.  I chose Manchester because I wanted to join the teams in the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and the Sustainable Consumption Institute.


My research requires an interdisciplinary approach to reduce the high-emitting groups' carbon emissions through low-carbon technology, social change and policy interventions.  What I enjoy most about my research is discovering things that are quite different from what people normally assume.


To showcase my research I attend public engagement events, and present my research in the university and other institutes.  Once I have completed my PhD I intend to start of post-doctoral research project at a university in the UK.  To ensure that I work and interface with other researchers in my field I attend and present at workshops and conferences, collaborate, write co-authored papers, participate in public engagement events, write blogs and use other media tools to disseminate my research.  The impact I hope my research will make is to reduce energy demand more efficiently and economically by focusing on the high-emitting groups in the society.

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