Yuqin Zou

1st year PhD student, School of Chemistry

I think that a real ‘game changer’ relevant to the area I work in would be the use of material with high power density and energy density in industry


I chose to study this area because the lack of energy resource is a serious issue all over the world. It has made investigation of renewable energy become a significant and promising field. Energy storage and energy transfer application have become increasing important. I want to study more about energy storage device.

I chose the University of Manchester because I am interested in material for energy storage and  graphene is a promising material for energy storage. The University of Manchester is the best place to study about graphene.


I think there are two parts to my research. One part is about preparing an improved material with better electrochemical performance as electrode of a supercapacitor.  The other part is investigation of the principle of improved performance.  On a day to day basis, I read literature to improve my knowledge of the subject area, carry out  experiments, take measurements for my samples, analyze the results and discuss the interesting results with my supervisors. I enjoy learning something new every day.


In the future I hope that my research will help to shorten the gap between laboratory and industry. 

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