Oil and gas

Oil and gas are the major source of global energy and will likely remain so for the short to medium term. However, the exploration for and development of new and existing hydrocarbon resources is becoming increasingly challenging as industry steps into deeper water, higher subsurface pressures and temperatures.

The industry must also face new challenges associated with the production of more unconventional resources such as shale gas. Reducing uncertainty and risk associated with hydrocarbon exploration and extraction is high on the agenda for oil companies, both financially and in terms of finding hydrocarbons economically and safely. At the same time there is the challenge of reducing damage to the environment and minimising the footprint caused by these activities.

Research and training at the University of Manchester is focussed on helping the hydrocarbon sector to meet the challenges it faces while providing future capability through our undergraduate and Master’s programmes. All of these challenges require higher levels of technical skill and new research-driven technologies.

The Petroleum Geosciences & Engineering research team at the University is playing a key role in each of these areas, taking applied research, technology and skills development to the next level. The team’s strength lies in the breadth and depth of its knowledge, expertise and experience that enables the integrated and collaborative work it carries out.

Its global reach is both deep and broad with research funding from a range of companies across all continents together with strong links with a range of other Institutions globally and a postgraduate research student population from more than 20 countries. We have a large integrated team of geoscientists and engineers within the group. We also draw on collaborative links from within the University, such as chemical engineering, mathematics, and material science, making our output truly interdisciplinary.

North Africa Research Group (NARG

Group highlight: The North Africa Research Group

The North Africa Research Group (NARG) brings together industry, academia and other local stakeholders with the desire to promote multi-disciplinary research with a petroleum geoscience theme across northern Africa.

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Slope 4

Project highlight: Slope 4

By studying rock outcrops in South Africa researchers have developed models to guide deep sea oil exploration and maximise oil recovery.

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