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Whole system impacts and socio-economics of wide scale photovoltaic integration (WISE-PV)

WISE-PV is associated with the EPSRC Solar Energy Hub. It sets out the scientific, technical and socio-economic grand challenge of wide scale integration of photovoltaic systems (PV) into electric power systems with particular focus on the UK.

The project aims to investigate the drivers and opportunities to facilitate an increase in the role of solar energy in the UK energy futures. It will develop a range of future energy scenarios out to 2050.

This project aims to maximize the contribution of PV to UK renewable energy and carbon reduction targets by strategically assessing the systems level challenges for: the electrical system; material/resource availability; cost reduction; maximizing life-cycle carbon reductions; delivering social benefits.

Our research

Our research

See details of the current and proposed research of the WISE-PV project.

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Our academic team comprises internationally recognised experts from 5 collaborating institutions.

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Contact us

Dr Joseph Mutale
WISE-PV Primary Investigator
Tel: +44 (0) 161 306 4806
Email: j.mutale@manchester.ac.uk

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