Energy Systems Test Bed

Testing new energy technologies and interventions is a vital need.

Testing in a manner that provides high quality scientific data to support the case for a particular technology or intervention is, however, challenging. This is particularly true when you look to work across a range of real estate, something that is often complicated by the relationships that need to be developed with multiple landlords. Supporting the need of companies to test and develop new energy technologies is the University of Manchester Energy Systems Test Bed.

The University has established a section of campus that has its energy use monitored on a second by second basis.  There are over twenty buildings involved in this development and the range of loads on the network is diverse and includes cultural assets (libraries and museums), offices, student residences, sports halls and industrial type loads. Buildings are a mix of heritage buildings with the challenges associated with listed status and new build properties that have more advanced monitoring and building management systems.

Data from the network is collected by a monitoring system based on the National Instruments cRIO platform that makes the data available to researchers and student projects across the University. With over 40,000 students at the University of Manchester, this allows data to be used in projects across the disciplines.

In working with third-parties we look for opportunities that allow us to enhance the performance of our estate while providing the ability to engage and challenge our researchers and students.

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