Mathaios Panteli

Research Associate - Power Systems

Dealing with the challenges of modern power systems is vitally important in order to improve their reliability and effectiveness, while moving towards green and clean energy.


As a researcher in this area, I have the opportunity to be involved in research projects that aim to achieve these goals and provide solutions for improving the quality of electrical supply.  I chose the University of Manchester it is ranked among the top universities worldwide in the research in the field of electrical energy and power systems, which shows the quality of the research conducted at the University. 


I am currently involved in the “Resilient Electricity Networks for Great Britain” (RESNET) project. The aim of this project is to assess the impact of extreme weather events on the resilience of the Great Britain transmission network and evaluate adaptation and reinforcement measures for mitigating the impact of such catastrophic events. The RESNET project is a consortium of researchers from different disciplines, such as electrical and civil engineering and climate change. In addition, the project is supported by National Grid PLC. This gives me the opportunity to promote my research and raise the awareness of the critical research questions I am trying to tackle both in academia and industry.  

As a Research Associate, I am performing simulation studies using advanced power system software packages for fulfilling the key deliverables of my project. In addition, I prepare research papers which are submitted in top quality journal and international conferences. I also provide support to PhD and MSc students. 

I really enjoy the challenges you face as a researcher for achieving your short- and long-term goals. As a researcher in The University of Manchester, you get to work in interesting and highly stimulating research projects, which aim to tackle real problems in power systems.


I hope to raise awareness on the impact of weather on the resilience of power systems. This will lead to the development of measures and techniques for mitigating the impact of adverse weather events and also provide the basis for further research in this area.  I believe energy storage will play a key role in the future in this area, as it provides flexibility and robustness to the system. Storing energy locally and closer to the consumer will decrease the power flow on the transmission lines. Therefore, a weather-related outage of transmission facilities will not affect in a high degree the reliability of electrical supply.

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