Dr Luis Nando Ochoa

Senior Lecturer in Smart Distribution Networks, Electrical Energy and Power Systems Research Group.

Luis (Nando) Ochoa

Our research is already shaping the way that the industry in the UK assesses the impact of low carbon technologies as well as the potential solutions.


I was initially attracted to this role because of the opportunity to create a research team and a research portfolio that would have a significant impact on our society and industry. I was attracted to The University of Manchester because of its world-class prestige in the area of Power Systems.


My research encompasses investigating ways of making our electricity networks more intelligent and flexible so that we can ensure a cost-effective transition towards a low-carbon society. I manage a research team and a diverse research portfolio. This involves significant and ongoing interaction with industry and professional organisations. I also teach courses in Power Systems and Smart Networks.

I particularly enjoy the fact that our research has a significant beneficial impact on our industry and on our society. It is also rewarding to be able to contribute to the development of our researchers.

My research team is constantly interacting with industry so that we ensure knowledge is transferred adequately and effectively. We continuously disseminate our research findings through high quality reports, presentations/talks and journal/conference papers at national and international events.


Our recent research is already shaping the way that industry in the UK, particularly Distribution Network Operators, assesses the impact of low carbon technologies (eg, photovoltaic systems, electric vehicles, etc.) and provide potential solutions. However, the complexity of our future electricity networks is yet to be understood. Our ongoing and future research will provide valuable insight so that informed decisions can be made by industry and policy makers, ensuring a cost-effective transition towards a low-carbon society.

I think the real 'game changer', once we overcome some technical but mostly commercial and regulatory barriers, would be the advent of wide spread communication and control infrastructures across distribution networks. This would allow profound changes in the way consumers (or those who manage them on their behalf) interact with the power system, as they will be able to modify their demand but also store and generate electricity.

Smart grids

The Government expects electricity consumption to almost double by 2050.

To supply this increase in demand, the North West's power network operator, Electricity North West, is radically changing the way the network works so that it operates as a smart network, allowing supply to meet demand. Electricity North West Limited (ENWL), one of the Distribution Network Operators in the UK and a strategic partner of The University of Manchester, has released a video to explain the importance of their new Network Management System - a critical step towards Smart Grids.
The video includes an appearance from Manchester Energy’s Dr Luis(Nando) Ochoa and our PV systems on top of the University's Ferranti Building.

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