Umair Ahmed

Post-doctoral Research Associate

In my opinion a real game changer would be a sustainable (both in terms of availability and environmental impact) and emission free source of energy for both domestic use and transportation purposes.

I obtained my PhD in computational combustion at the University of Manchester (combustion being one of the most important energy production methods to date) and was interested in diversifying my area of expertise in energy related research hence I chose to move into renewable energy.  I have stayed on at the University from my undergraduate degree and have experienced all the aspects of university life at Manchester (from being an undergraduate student to research staff). I felt the need to stay on as a member of staff because I wanted to contribute to the university’s research activities and also improve my skills as a researcher.


Currently,  I am working on modelling tidal stream turbines using high fidelity Large Eddy Simulation (LES). The research focuses on simulating industrial scale marine turbines under different turbulence levels and flow conditions. The data obtained from these simulations feeds directly into the current development of a new generation of tidal stream turbines to be installed around the coast line of UK.  My day to day work usually involves a lot of code/algorithm development for supercomputers to solve thermo-fluid problems related to energy production devices.  I like the use of applied mathematics and computer science in the development of new state of the art low emission energy production devices.

Currently I am working on UK wide projects in which different universities and industrial partners are involved.  Current projects include ReDapt (Reliable Data Acquisition Platform for Tidal), PerAWaT (Performance Assessment of Wave and Tidal Array Systems) and Xmed (EXtreme Loading of Marine Energy Devices due to Waves, Current, Flotsam and Mammal Impact).


As a computational scientist I hope that my contributions to both combustion and renewable energy are helpful in the development of efficient low emission energy production devices.

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