Alastair Moore, PhD

Geography, School of Environment, Education and Development


I was attracted to this role because I would like to be able to make a greater contribution to the interconnected issues of improved energy efficiency in buildings and climate change. Pursuing a PhD will provide me with a deeper understanding of these imperatives and help me achieve this goal.

I had the pleasure of working as a research associate at the University almost 10 years ago, and during that time I met many bright, inspiring academics. When I decided to pursue my doctoral studies I selected the University of Manchester so I could benefit from the ideas and guidance of its many inspiring academics, and because it frames energy as both a social and technical issue.


My research looks at the energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the residential building stock. I am investigating mass-scale energy retrofits of the residential housing stocks in the UK and Canada in order to reduce their energy intensity and GHG emissions, and ultimately contribute to climate mitigation efforts.

I work independently and in collaboration with my supervisors and peers to review current literature on my topic and design a research project to address important gaps in the existing body of knowledge.  I always enjoy expanding my knowledge of the energy and climate fields and exploring related ideas and theories, but I particularly enjoy the challenge and opportunity of producing new insights into what many consider to be two of today’s most pressing global challenges – climate change and management of the Earth’s supply of finite natural resources.

To date, I have informally exchanged research findings and useful resource links with academics and several environmental NGOs in the UK, Canada and France. In addition, I contribute blog pieces to the University of Manchester’s Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy (CURE) Energy Vulnerability and Urban Transitions website.


I hope that my research will help reduce our residential housing stocks’ reliance on fossil fuels, increase the energy resilience of our communities, and contribute to climate mitigation.

I think a game changer would be a broad, society-wide appreciation of the benefits that using energy more wisely in the operation of our homes can yield for ourselves, and Earth’s numerous life support systems upon which we all depend.

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